Germany is new title sponsor for Travel News Market 2019.

The idea is to present Germany as a sustainable destination. The flight from Sweden to Germany is short and it is close enough to travel by car/go there by car. Therefor you can travel to Germany without burden/effecting the environment, says Bo Lauridsen regional director of the German tourist office in Scandinavia.

The traveling from the Scandinavian countries to Germany is increasing. The number of Swedish tourists has grown with 8,3 percent according to the latest survey in January 2019.

In only three years Travel News Market have become one of Scandinavia´s prime venues for the professional travel industry. Last year 210 exhibitors from around the world and 1200 visitors participated in the fair at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. The date for Travel News Market this year is November 7th.

Germany will promote a new theme every year. This year it´s Bauhaus, next year the theme is going to be Beethoven. Every year since 35 years Germany arranges a workshop for the Scandinavian market. This year the workshop will be held at Radisson Waterfront the day before the fair. 35 partners from all over Germany will participate in the workshop. Both destinations and hotels, 20 of them will stay for the fair. A great deal of the businesses has a environmental certification which is accurate since the theme of the fair is sustainability. The goal is to establish better contacts with travel agencies in Sweden.

Andréas Näsman, director at Travel News Market:
We are so happy that we now can present Germany as 2019´s title sponsor. Which country is ready for 2020?
I must say that Germany is one of my favorite destinations in Europe. We will do our very best to give Germany a good value for money, something we of course will do to all our exhibitors.