Sponsor opportunities 2021

November 11 th – Waterfront Congress Centre, Stockholm

Waterfront Congress Centre offers together with Travel News Market great opportunities to expose your brand in the travel trade venue during the day of the exhibition. Below you find the three different opportunities during the exhibition:


Banner inside of venue

Size: Width 5 meters x hight 1 meter
Price: SEK 15 000




Banner outside of venue (outdoor visibility)

Size: Width 5 meters x hight 1 meter
Price: SEK 15 000




Video screens inside venue

60 seconds video looping a full day.
Screen 1, middle screen: 8 x 4,5 meters Screen 2 and 3, side screens: 6,91 x 3,88 meters
Price: SEK 10 000





Please feel free to contact us for booking the sponsoring space and to ask questions about the different opportunities available. It is time to show your brand to the industry again! We also offer a lot of advertising opportunities at www.travelnews.se and in our newsletter. See our mediakit HERE

Henrik Johansson
Project leader Travel News Market
Phone: +46 70 728 68 74

Nils Norberg
Head of Sales and Marketing
Phone: +46 70 715 60 84